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No New Posts The Bulletin Board;;

All announcements regarding Aniferna will go here. Be sure to check back periodically--you don't want to miss anything!

Jan 11, 2012 20:18:20 GMT -6
No New Posts Edict of Aniferna;;

Everything you need to know about Aniferna is in here. Be sure to read it all, because you don't want to end up looking like an idiot or getting the banhammer!

Sub-boards: Staff Board, Archives, Profile Archives

Jan 8, 2012 19:46:47 GMT -6
No New Posts Spread the News;;

Guest Friendly! Want to advertise your site here? This is the place to do it! Just be sure not to do it anywhere else, or very bad things will happen to you. Proboards and Invisionfree only, please.

Sub-boards: First Time, Link Back

234 287 ZapdosZulu: A Pokemon HGSS RP
by Morrigan
Aug 20, 2015 7:20:48 GMT -6


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No New Posts Rising Stars;;

Pending characters go in here. Be sure to use the provided character template or else you won't be accepted.

Sub-boards: Works in Progress, Completed, Awaiting Judgment

6 13 TRAINER, fleur chevalier
Jan 14, 2012 17:12:26 GMT -6
No New Posts Heroes and Villains;;

Congratulations! Your character has been accepted! You are now ready to roleplay!

Sub-boards: Accepted Females, Accepted Males

26 73 COORDINATOR, Henry Hastings
Jan 10, 2012 22:24:00 GMT -6
No New Posts Storage Room;;

Every character should have a thread in here that keeps track of their Pokemon. It's for organizational purposes (and because Arceus is too lazy to ask people what Pokemon they have if she gets curious).

42 42 TRAINER, blaise beauclerc
Jan 7, 2012 20:20:08 GMT -6
No New Posts The Plot Thickens;;

Want to plot out some relationships with someone? Looking for that one character to make yours complete? This board will satisfy both of those needs!

Sub-boards: Looking for..., Female Plots, Male Plots, Character Journals

27 90 TRAINER, blaise beauclerc
Jan 7, 2012 21:42:06 GMT -6


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No New Posts Virenya City;;

A beautiful, lush green city located along the Southern Sea. Canals split the city into pieces, allowing people to travel either by water Pokemon or by boat if they don't want to walk down the cobblestone pathways and cross the ancient stone and wrought-iron bridges. This city is home to one of the six gyms in Aniferna, as well as the loveliest beaches in the land.

Sub-boards: Virenya Beach, Virenya Gym, Rosie's Café, Virenya Department Store

Dec 31, 2011 2:47:46 GMT -6
No New Posts The Southern Sea;;

A huge sea that stretches on as far as the eye can see. A few small islands near the coast are popular places for people to fish or search for rare Pokemon deep within the forests.

Sub-boards: Milotic Isle, Half-Moon Island

1 7 Oh Hail Milotic.. {Lilith}
Jan 5, 2012 14:50:44 GMT -6
No New Posts The Sea of Flowers;;

Between the Southern Sea and Aniferna's Girdle is a sea of tall grass and colorful wildflowers. A few trees dot the landscape, but all in all, it's very flat. A river cuts straight through the middle of the Sea of Flowers, and a strange crater mars the landscape in the northern part of the great plain.

Sub-boards: Silver River, The Crater

2 11 Looking Past the Reflection [MOD/OPEN]
Jan 16, 2012 10:50:57 GMT -6
No New Posts Anor City;;

Anor City is unique in that it's really the only sight amongst the flat plain of the Sea of Flowers. It is not nearly as large or as magnificent as Utoron City, but it is definitely a nice change of pace compared to the monotony of the plains.

Sub-boards: Contest Hall, Anor Gym, The Grand Library, The Old Warehouse

3 11 frightening fame [genji]
Jan 8, 2012 14:50:32 GMT -6
No New Posts Aniferna's Girdle;;

Aniferna's Girdle is a mountain chain that cuts straight through Aniferna like a belt. Crossing the mountains tends to be an ordeal, as one either has to climb the sharp, rugged peaks and brave the harsh weather or try to traverse the labyrinthine caves through the mountain chain itself. However, one could also just cross the placid lake in the center of the mountains, especially if one is just looking for a peaceful method of reaching the northern reaches of Aniferna.

Sub-boards: Stone Labyrinth, Ithycis Lake

2 5 JUST BENEATH THE SKIN;; open/mod
Jan 8, 2012 19:45:56 GMT -6
No New Posts Ithycis Town;;

Located in the center of Ithycis Lake, the only way to reach Ithycis town is by boat (or by means of a Pokemon that knows Surf or Fly, of course!). Only half of Ithycis Town is located in on the surface of the lake, floating on platforms anchored to the bottom of the lake. The other half is located in large transparent chambers at the very bottom of the lake. It is a popular place for people to gather, especially to sit and watch the water Pokemon swimming by.

Sub-boards: The Surface, The Under, Ithycis Gym

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No New Posts The Endless Forest;;

Despite its name, the Endless Forest is not endless by any means. It stretches from the northern reaches of Aniferna's girdle up until it bleeds out into the Wastes up in the north. Many trees in the Endless Forest are over five hundred years old, with some, including the massive Mother Tree, being much older.

Sub-boards: Cobalt River, The Mother Tree

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No New Posts Utoron City;;

Located along the eastern coast of Aniferna, between the vast Eastern Sea and the Endless Forest, Utoron City is the crown jewel of Aniferna. It is the center of just about everything, from commerce to battling to contests to Unifi activity. Utoron possesses the largest percentage of Aniferna's population, and there is very seldom a quiet moment within the city.

Sub-boards: Main Street, Utoron Gym, Trainer's School, The Boardwalks, The Catacombs, Power Plant

2 7 running with the pack [wild pkmn]
Jan 5, 2012 20:58:38 GMT -6
No New Posts Eastern Sea;;

The Eastern Sea is much less friendly than the Southern Sea. It is almost always stormy, and the only islands that one can see are Gyarados Isle and Full-Moon Island, but it is usually unsafe to travel to these islands due to the sea being unnaturally stormy most of the year.

Sub-boards: Gyarados Isle, Full-Moon Island

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No New Posts Miragova Town;;

Miragova Town straddles the Cobalt river, with the famous Mira Bridge connecting both halves of the town together. It is a beautiful town, but it seems to always attract violent thunderstorms. However, when it isn't raining, Miragova Town is actually a very nice place to be, as it is mostly free of Unifi action.

Sub-boards: Mira Bridge, Miragova Gym, Clock Tower

3 14 a sunny disposition {aria}
Jan 5, 2012 21:16:49 GMT -6
No New Posts The Wastes;;

The Wastes are just as they suggest--when one steps out of the beautiful Endless Forest, they truly step out into an endless wasteland. As far as the eye can see is an endless stretch of white sand and rock. Desert-dwelling Pokemon are very common in this land, with a few grass and water-types in the various oases that dot the harsh landscape. Be careful--there have been many a brave (and foolish) explorer who has stepped out into the Wastes and have never been heard from again.

Sub-boards: Aniferna Ranger Base, The Ancient Ruins, The White River

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No New Posts Erennal Town;;

Erennal Town is often considered the last frontier of Aniferna. Located on the fringes of the Wastes, it is reminiscent of a town straight from the Middle Ages. Stone buildings with thatched roofs stand tall against the stretch of grassland between the Endless Forest and the sands of the Wastes. Many people say that the town is actually haunted, but you don't believe that, do you?

Sub-boards: The Grand Museum, City of the Dead, Erennal Gym

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No New Posts Aniferna League;;

Those who have collected all six badges can challenge the Aniferna League. Only a select few have ever managed to make it here, but those who do can be guaranteed that they will receive a challenge! Defeat all four members of the Aniferna League to face off against the Champion, and hopefully claim your place as the greatest trainer in all of Aniferna!

Sub-boards: The First Room, The Second Room, The Third Room, The Fourth Room, The Champion's Chamber

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No New Posts The Commune;;

Talk about anything that strikes your fancy here. You can also play games, show off your fancy graphics, or introduce yourself here. Go wild, but remember to follow the rules!

Sub-boards: The Front Door, The Gallery, The Arcade

9 36 count to infinity! [ooc]
Jan 16, 2012 11:15:50 GMT -6
No New Posts Controlled Chaos;;

Want to have some fun while waiting for someone to post? Well, go ahead and join a little OoC roleplay here! From short little chatplays to complete whack-ass crackplays, go wild! Just be sure to remember the rules!

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